About Me


At six I was too energetic, everyone around didn't know what to do with it. Neither did I. If you ever meet me in person, you'll probably ask me to speak slower and I may burst you into laughs a few times. 

The energy definitely stayed through the years, but I learned what to do with it and where to put my time. Tennis player, world traveler, self-starter, MBA, marketing professional, fine art photographer, creator of things. In short, this is how my bio sums up. 

Having the ability to keep my business mindset and artistic vision is key for everything that I do. Born in Russia, residing and working in Los Angeles, I enjoy morning coffee, long nights of photo editing, TV shows to ease up my day, and fast pace of getting things accomplished on my to-do list.  

My Work

Most of my work is focused on one thing: showing the beauty and craft of something not everyone can get access to. This can be ballet rehearsals and behind the scenes life of dancer, coastal life of California, or surf shaping process.

I am quick to respond on Instagram and that’s where you can usually find me. I love raw shots. I love authentic upstaged shots. I shoot surf, ballet, nature, street, and everything I find beautiful.

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